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Jan 11, 2009
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Well, normally I do not send out thanks to companies, but if one goes above and beyond, I think people should know about it.
My Sirius Satellite Radio was stolen from my truck a week ago. I was p*ssed off about my radio going missing because it is going to cost me the price of a new unit and the scum that stole it will gain nothing from it once I cancel the unit . I called Sirius that day to notify them that my radio was stolen and I wanted to cancel the unit. They told me the only way I could do this is to cancel my subscription. I didn't want to cancel my subscription as I purchased a lifetime membership and I was informed that the only way for them to discontinue service to my old unit with my subscription intact was if I got a police report and sent them the file. This was kind of a pain in the butt as there is no point in reporting this, but I did it as I didn't want whoever stole my radio to gain anything from it. I faxed in my information along with the police file number on Tuesday and today I received a call from Sirius stating that they would like to send me out a new unit for free so I can keep my subscription going! That is way more than I would have expected from them. I just wanted to say a big thanks to Sirius as I was going to wait until summer to buy a new unit as things are tight with school right now, but now I will have satellite radio again when I am on my road trips this summer. Hooray!
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