Aug 31, 2010
1977 coupe
Well, I guess rules are made to be broken! I just talked to someone at Rawlco and we can put our newer vehicles in the show.

So, let's see everyone there on Sunday!

You still have to be there early, though, Riley :)
i willl try to make it. i'm on call all this week so i hope i can work it in.
looks like i'm out. i'm going to work about fri night sat morning so i'll be stuck in portal, sk. but i'll let my son know, he should be around.
Very cool! We'll be at the corner of 22nd and 1st ave downtown Sunday Morning if he wants to have his car in the show. He'll have to be early, like 7-7:30ish though.... That would be great to have a C5Z parked with the Vettes as we've never had one in the show before.....or a C6Z for that matter....
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