Jul 25, 2012
Fraser Valley B.C.
2002 Convertible
Hi, just wondering if anyone has these covers on their car and what review they would give them. Also where would be the best place to get them at the best price. So many different sites with various big different prices. Thanks, in advance.
I have these on my 'vette. Purchased from Corvette Depot who are/were on this
site. In the hot sunny summer months, the black leather seats got really hot and
uncomfortable. In my opinion, the neoprene covers are a big help in keeping you
more comfortable. [ not perfect, but a lot better ]. Also...they look pretty good;
at least I've had some compliments !
The only downside; its a challenge getting the straps under the seats, as there
is so much wiring in the way.

Hope this helps,
Tony, welland
Just read this thread. The seat covers are something I've never considered but if they help to keep you a bit cooler, that's something I may look into! Thanks for the review!
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