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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
So Last night I just could not get my car to pull on the highway. I was testing out my car because it felt sluggish, then there was this Cavalier Z24 beside me and my car could just not pull on him. I was thinking, well, I must be in 6th, but no, the revs were up and I knew my car was way faster than this. I was pretty P.O.'d wondering what the heck. Then I woke up, and realized it was all just a nightmare. Whew!
It's a bit of a giveaway that I wouldn't have it out because it's not sunny, dry, and warm out, but this dream bugged me so much that I couldn't refuse to tell people about it.
No, non of that, just a normal Z24 with no bodywork or wheels. Maybe the guy spent all his money on the motor instead of slowing it down with all that stuff those guys usually put on their cars, hahaha.
I just figured that driving the Cavalier and winning is worse than driving the Vette and losing. ;)

You know, you are totally right about that, even if you win the battle, you still lose the war. I have an old chevelle that isn't super fast, but it sounds mean and I would take that any day over having a quicker car that sounds like a fart. If it's a four cylinder and has good motor noise, ok, but 98% of those mufflers, how can anyone think that sounds good.
The only time I've heard rice rockets sound nice is when they don't cheap out. There was one the other day with a Magnaflow exhaust, AEM cold air intake and aftermarket headers, I didn't mind the sound!

Of course, you'd still rather be driving the Vette!
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