Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
Today, I picked up a nice set of Chromed C6 wheels from a 2008. I started out with Cragar mags in my younger days and still like the chromed wheels look. When the holiday is over, I'll be getting new rubber on them and shouldn't have to worry about tires again for a few years. I think I will paint the insides of the wheels black. With pictures I have seen, it really makes the spokes stand out.
Congrats Keith .....

Yes There Is Nothing Sexier Than Chrome Rims On Any Toy ....

Chrome Just Makes Your Toy Shine That Much More ....

Can't Wait To See Your Pics ....
A local shop gave me a good price on new tires and has a proper mounter for these run flat tires. New shoes will get ordered in the morning and everything should be ready to go when we get back from holidays.
I was going with Firestones but there are none in the warehouse this shop gets its tires from so they have to do some looking. If not the Firstones, then it will be the Michelin run flats. It's fun ordering tires. Pick one and it 's not in stock. Pick another and they might have the fronts or not the rears. They are looking at what they can get and should have one or the other by the time we get home. I won't be losing any sleep as the tires on the car are not that bad yet and would probably do the rest of the summer just fine. At least I now have a nice set of shiny chromed wheels to put the tires on. :)
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