Nov 27, 2013
Hello all. I was wondering if a C7 destined for the Canadian market has a different VIN than a US bound C7? I've heard of several, "Technically Used" C7's from the US making their way up north. I know older models you could tell by the speedo (mph vs km/hr). I've heard GM dealers can deny warranty work for a certain length of time and/or kms for US purchased cars so there must be an easy way to verify the cars original market.

I often see the term, "Canadian Car" as if there is something better about it come resale time. Not sure why that is, perhaps more hoops regarding finding the cars history. Wouldn't matter to me as long as the car checked out and had a thorough inspection.
No, I can switch between miles and km/hr using the computer and the speedo changes the calibration to read miles or km. The car did come from the u.s. however. What do others say they have on their Canadian C5-6 as far as top speed showing on their speedo? I find it hard to believe it would read as high as 300 but I've been wrong many times before!
You are correct, the needle with adjust to read either mph or kph with the same numbers. However, the Canadian Corvettes are sort of rare birds. The speedo's do read 300 as a maximum as we use km in our driving and the Corvette can certainly blister past 200 km/h so I've heard. Therefore, we were blessed with speedo's that would read up to 300 km/h. This is why the US guys are always trying to get a hold of Canadian instrument clusters, so they can show their buddies that their car has a speedo that goes to 300 mph as it makes the car seem faster. :rofl:

Edit: The C5 speedo goes up to 300 kph. I think they increased it for the C6 and it goes to 330 on the C7! Sweeeeeet!
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