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Jan 13, 2014
2007 C6 Zo6
I have seen several reviews where they report that the seats in the C7 while much improved for lateral support are not that comfortable for long distance travel.
I would be interested to hear from those that already have their C7's if these are just isolated reports or if this is a common opinion among those that have spent extended periods in their cars.
I have owned previous cars that gave me back pain when I traveled in them for long periods, and would be concerned about having a C7 if their seats were the same. I have my fingers crossed that this is not the case.:confused:
Do you like a firmer seat or one that is a little more "plush"? I am not sure how much you know about the C7 so I may be stating the obvious but there are two types of seats, the Standard GT seat and a Competition seat. Both are supposed to be great seats, however, the Comp seat is designed for track use and may not be as comfortable as they are a firmer seat.
The best thing to do is sit in each seat and give them a fit. I am interested to hear your impressions as I can not heard any bad things about the seats except the Competition seat is difficult to get as it was on the constraint list. (not sure if it is still or not)
The vast number of reports from owners is they are very comfortable for long trips. The GT seats being more comfortable than the competition seats. However, even the reports from owners who have competition seats suggest they are also very comfortable even for longer trips.

The GT seats are, IMO, similar in comfort to the seats in the M3 and C63... that is, very comfy. They are firmer than C6 seats but still very comfortable and, IMO, firmer is WAY better for comfort unless a seat is too firm which they are not.
I have seen the standard seat and they look great and feel great but I have seen several reviews on long distance touring in the C7 lately where they comment on the seating position becomes very uncomfortable after extended time in them.(5-8 hr stints).
This is something that is hard to determine unless you have experienced it. That is why I was asking if anyone has a C7 and done any longer trips in them about their experiences.

I once had a Bonnieville SSEI that had very nice feeling seats with lots of adjustments that after I had spent 8 Hrs in them, because there was not enough support under my thighs, I would get lower back pain.
I am hoping that this is not what these people are experiencing when they report on uncomfortable seating position.
Good info .A road trip for me is 24 hours straight and the C6 seats aren't great but not bad .My wife bitches after an hour but I think it's a gender thing .
I haven't driven mine far enough to judge how comfortable the GT seats are. With a high of -24 today and light snow I'll just be out for a short drive again.

One thing I did notice about seats, if you order the Competition seats in a 3LT, the GM order guide seems to say you don't get Napa leather, although it doesn't seem to mention this in the brochure or specs. I didn't notice that when I ordered but didn't get Competition seats - something to check into for those ordering the Competition seats in a 3LT.
mine has napa leather and its a 3LT model… says so right on the window sticker specs too...
Hmm. So your window sticker is consistent with the brochure, which says 3lt comp seats are napa leather. The GM ordering guides (I rechecked the US fleet ordering guide and the Stingray ordering guide) says 3lt comp seats are only available with mulan leather.

GM's materials have a mistake somewhere I guess. Maybe a typo in the ordering guide? I usually firgure a car's window sticker is accurate.
it might just be a mistake at that dealer I double checked AutoBook the GM software that allows me to build cars and our system allows me to order Napa leather, it but it may be the dealer you went to needed to update the software?
it might just be a mistake at that dealer I double checked AutoBook the GM software that allows me to build cars and our system allows me to order Napa leather, it but it may be the dealer you went to needed to update the software?

I didn't talk to a dealer but looked at order guides on the internet, including the one dated August 2/13 (there is also one on a GM fleet site that is easy to find). You can see the Aug 2 guide here: http://www.corvetteblogger.com/docs/2014-Corvette-Order-Guide.pdf

Basically it shows these rows for 3LT seats under Color and Trim (page 46):

3LT GT buckets AQ9 Perforated Napa leather seating surfaces

3LT Competition Sport buckets AE4 Perforated Mulan leather seating surfaces

3LT GT / Competition Sport buckets AQ9/AE4 Leather seating surfaces with sueded microfiber inserts
Also, I checked whatever updates to the order guides that I could find, but didn't find an update relating to the 3LT Comp buckets leather surface.

NewRoads, maybe you have all updates and can see where they updated the order guide?
Another observation. There are other forums - and I know we can't link to them - where people have said the 3LT Comp seats are mulan leather. So if it's a mistake it's maybe widespread.
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