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Jan 11, 2009
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Since the new C7 coming out is bringing back C3 flavor, I thought I would dig up the website where a guy was turning the C6 into a modern C3. I really like what he has done but I have not heard any updates on whether it is completed or not. Does anyone know anything?
I bet it is not going to go past the concept/computer rendering stage. I tried to get on the mailing list but it won't even let you fill in the boxes! Too bad because the car sure is purdy.
Wicked lookin car! I seen some rear bumper covers that sorta look like the rear of that car,want one! This is a link to a canadian based vette store,cheap shippin no brokerage fees. Has anyone had dealings with them?
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No thank you! ... I agree, it's time for a change, but if the new C7 looks anything like the new concept adaptation then GM better rethink the new C7. The C7 should be more exciting and less "cartoonish". GM should embrace the "feel" of something like the new Ferrari 458 Italia. I'm not saying copy it by any means, but understand the level of sophistication of the design. To me the Corvette has always been a forward thinking design, that captures an audiences' attention, in a cool and exciting way. If they wanted a car like that, then why not just go to Matel (Hot wheels) and ask them to design the new C7. :nono:
I would not want them to loose the feel of the past models,such as GM and the others have done just to come back to similar(retro) designs. I really like this rendering as it offers a taste of all the beauty from C3 to present,I would be happy to see GM go this way. Funny you mention Hot Wheels,I was at Zellers last week and seen a Corvette concept car that actually resembles the pics.
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