Jan 27, 2009
Township of Langley, BC
1975 coupe/2003 vert
Hi kids... I saw some magnetic C5 lock covers for sale online.
They look like they are a quality product.
I was out today and stopped in a couple of dollar stores and this is what I found.

This is what one looks like..... Plastic covered magnet.

This is it in place on the door lock...

It just needs to be painted, black in my case.
These cost $0.10 Each..! Really! 10 cents!!!! + paint. 12 / $1.25

I'll let you know if they fall out....
Thanx. ..
I am going to keep an eye out for them going on sale. LOL

That is a cool add on for virtually no cost. Thanks for the tip.

It also made me wonder if I have ever in fact used the key to open the car. I don't think so.
That looks really neat Graham. The lock mechanism on mine always looks greasy and is hard to keep the dirt out of it. That cover will work like magic. Off to the dollar store on Thursday.

Nicely done.
Murray... Good for you man..
Did you find the same brand? Lol
You will be the envy of all your friends!
The fun part of DIY is searching out the parts.
I have to get some millenium yellow to paint one for my sister's 2004 Corvette roadster.
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