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Here is a breakdown of what each digit of the code means:

First Character - SystemThe first character identifies identifies the system related to the trouble code.

P = Powertrain
B = Body
C = Chassis
U = Undefined

Second Digit - Code TypeThe second digit identifies whether the code is a generic code (same on all OBD-II equpped vehicles), or a manufacturer specific code.

0 = Generic (this is the digit zero -- not the letter "O")
1 = Enhanced (manufacturer specific)

Third Digit - Sub-SystemThe third digit denotes the type of sub-system that pertains to the code

1 = Emission Management (Fuel or Air)
2 = Injector Circuit (Fuel or Air)
3 = Ignition or Misfire
4 = Emission Control
5 = Vehicle Speed & Idle Control
6 = Computer & Output Circuit
7 = Transmission
8 = Transmission
9 = SAE Reserved
0 = SAE Reserved

Fourth and Fifth DigitsThese digits, along with the others, are variable, and relate to a particular problem. For example,a P0171 code means P0171 - System Too Lean (Bank 1). To lookup your particular code, visit our OBD Trouble Codes section.

P0101 OBD-II Trouble Code
Technical DescriptionMass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit Range/Performance Problem

What does that mean?Basically this means that there is a problem with the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor or circuit. The PCM detects that the actual MAF sensor frequency signal is not within a predetermined range of the calculated MAF value for more than 4.0 seconds.

SymptomsYou will likely not notice any serious drivability problems, although there may be symptoms.

Possible SolutionsThe simplest thing to do is to reset the code and see if it comes back. Then start with the cheapest, easiest repair procedures:

Inspect for the following conditions:
An incorrectly routed harness--Inspect the harness of the MAF sensor in order to verify that it is not routed too close to the following components:
- The secondary ignition wires or coils
- Any solenoids
- Any relays
- Any motors
A low minimum air rate through the sensor bore may cause this DTC to set at idle or during deceleration. Inspect for any vacuum leaks downstream of the MAF sensor.
A wide open throttle (WOT) acceleration from a stop should cause the MAF sensor g/s display on the scan tool to increase rapidly. This increase should be from 6-12 g/s at idle to 230 g/s or more at the time of the 1-2 shift. If the increase is not observed, inspect for a restriction in the induction system or the exhaust system.
The barometric pressure (BARO) that is used in order to calculate the predicted MAF value is initially based on the MAP sensor at key ON.
When the engine is running the MAP sensor value is continually updated near WOT. A skewed MAP sensor will cause the calculated MAF value to be inaccurate. The value shown for the MAP sensor display varies with the altitude. With the ignition ON and the engine OFF, 103 kPa is the approximate value near sea level. This value will decrease by approximately 3 kPa for every 305 meters (1,000 feet) of altitude.
A high resistance on the ground circuit of the MAP sensor can cause this DTC to set.
Any loss of vacuum to the MAP sensor can cause this DTC to set.
If you suspect the condition may be related to aftermarket accessories, refer to Checking Aftermarket Accessories in Wiring Systems.
Here is a Corvette OB II Fault code list:

Corvette Body Codes

B0016, B0017, or B0018 Right Front/Passenger Frontal Deployment Loop (Stage 1) Circuit
B0022, B0024, or B0026 Left Front/Driver Frontal Deployment Loop (Stage 1) Circuit
B0051 Deployment Commanded
B0053 Deployment Commanded with Loop Malfunctions Present
B0090 Active Switch Voltage Out of Range
B0091 Active Switch: Wrong State
B0332 Outside Air Temp Sensor Short to Ground
B0333 Outside Air Temperature Sensor Open
B0337 Inside Air Temp Sensor Short to GND
B0338 Inside Air Temperature Sensor Open
B0348 Sunload Temperature Sensor Open
B0361 Left Actuator Feedback Short to GND
B0363 Left Actuator Feedback Open
B0365 Right Actuator Feedback Short to GND
B0367 Right Actuator Feedback Open
B0432 Rear Defogger Relay Circuit
B0433 Rear Defogger Relay Circuit
B0441 Left Actuator Out of Range
B0446 Right Actuator Out of Range
B0502 RH DRL Relay Circuit
B0503 RH DRL Relay Circuit
B0507 LH DRL Relay Circuit
B0508 LH DRL Relay Circuit
B0516 Speedometer Signal Circuit Malfunction
B0521 Tachometer Signal Circuit Malfunction
B0605 BCM Internal Memory Malfunction
B0846 Battery 2 Out of Range
B0846 or B0851 Battery Out of Range
B0851 Battery 1 Out of Range
B0856 +5 Volt Reference Out of Range
B1000 ECU Malfunction
B1001 Option Configuration Error
B1512-B1537 Driver Information Center (DIC) Switch Circuit
B1542 Oil Temperature Circuit Short to Ground
B1543 Oil Temperature Circuit Open
B2172, B2177, B2182, B2187, B2192, or B2197 Power Seat Switch Circuit
B2202-B2208 Window Switch Circuit
B2222-B2224 Mirror Select Switch Circuit
B2226-B2234 Mirror Switch Circuit
B2236-B2239 Door Lock Switch Circuit
B2242-B2244 Memory Switch Circuit
B2252-B2253 Door Key Cylinder Circuit
B2262-B2265 Mirror Position Sensor Signal Circuit
B2272-B2273 Mirror Motor Control Circuit
B2274-B2275 Window Motor Control Circuit
B2276-B2277 Door Lock Control Circuit
B2282 Battery #1 Circuit
B2283 Battery #1 Circuit
B2284 Battery #2 Circuit
B2285 Battery #2 Circuit
B2286-B2287 Mirror Position Sensor Circuit
B2403 Front Fog Lamp Switch Circuit
B2408 Rear Fog Lamp Switch Circuit
B2482 Backup Lamp Relay Circuit
B2483 Backup Lamp Relay Circuit
B2527 Horn Relay Circuit
B2528 Horn Relay Circuit
B2567 Folding Top Release Switch Circuit
B2573 Hatch Release Switch Circuit
B2578 Right Front Turn Signal Monitor Circuit
B2583 Left Front Turn Signal Monitor Circuit
B2587 Column Lock/Unlock Drive A
B2588 Column Lock/Unlock Drive A
B2592 Column Lock/Unlock Drive B
B2593 Column Lock/Unlock Drive B
B2597 Traction Control System Switch Circuit
B2600 Seat Motor to Battery Voltage
B2605-B2607 Seat Position Sensor Circuit
B2647 Ambient Light Sensor Circuit Low
B2648 Ambient Light Sensor Circuit High
B2721 PASS-Key Detection Circuit
B2722 PASS-Key Detection Circuit
B2723 PASS-Key Detection Circuit
B2735 PASS-Key Programming Mode Active
B2795 Suspension Control Select Switch Circuit Malfunction
B2852 Telescoping Column In Switch Shorted to Ground
B2857 Telescoping Column Out Switch Shorted to Ground
B2860 Telescoping Column Position Sensor Failure
B3109 Keyless Entry Transmitter Low Battery
B3577 Suspension Control Select Switch Contact Malfunction

Corvette Chassis Codes

C0550 ECU Malfunction
C0563 Calibration ROM Checksum Error
C0615, C0620, C0625 or C0630 Suspension Position Sensor Circuit
C0665 Chassis Pitch Signal Circuit
C0690 Damper Control Relay Circuit Malfunction
C0691 Damper Control Relay Circuit Range
C0693 Damper Control Relay Circuit High
C0695 Position Sensor Overcurrent (8 volt supply)
C0710 Steering Position Signal Malfunction
C0750, C0755, C0760, or C0765 Tire Pressure Sensor Circuit
C1214 Solenoid Valve Relay Contact or Coil Circuit Open
C1217 Pump Motor Relay Contact Circuit Open
C1218 Pump Motor Circuit Shorted to Voltage or Motor Ground Open
C1221-C1235 Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit
C1236 Low System Supply Voltage
C1237 High System Supply Voltage
C1241 MAGNA STEER Circuit Malfunction
C1242 or C1243 Pump Motor Circuit
C1247 Brake Pressure Differential Switch Activated
C1248 DRP Disabled
C1254 Abnormal Shutdown Detected
C1255 or C1256 ECU Malfunction
C1261-C1274 EBCM Internal Solenoid Circuit
C1276, P1644, or P1689 Delivered Torque Circuit
C1277 or P1571 Powertrain Indicated Traction Control Malfunction
C1278 TCS Temporarily Inhibited By PCM
C1281, C1283, or C1286 VSES Sensors Uncorrected
C1282 Yaw Rate Sensor Bias Circuit Malfunction
C1284 or C1285 Lateral Accelerometer Circuit
C1287 or C1288 Steering Position Sensor Circuit
C1291 Open Brake Lamp Switch Contacts During Deceleration
C1292, C1293, or C1296 Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor Circuit
C1294 Brake Lamp Switch Circuit Always Active
C1295 Brake Lamp Switch Circuit Open

Corvette OBD2 Powertrain Codes

P1111 Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor Circuit Intermittent High Voltage
P1112 Intake Air Temperature (IAT) Sensor Circuit Intermittent Low Voltage
P1114 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Circuit Intermittent Low
P1115 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor Circuit Intermittent High
P1120 Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 1 Circuit
P1125 Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) System
P1133 or P1153 HO2S Insufficient Switching
P1134 or P1154 HO2S Transition Time Ratio
P1220 Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 2 Circuit
P1221 Throttle Position (TP) Sensor 1- 2 Correlation
P1258 Engine Coolant Overtemperature - Protection Mode Active
P1275 Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor 1 Circuit
P1276 Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor 1 Performance
P1280 Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor 2 Circuit
P1281 Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor 2 Performance
P1285 Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor 3 Circuit
P1286 Accelerator Pedal Position (APP) Sensor 3 Performance
P1336 Crankshaft Position (CKP) System Variation Not Learned
P1380 Misfire Detected - Rough Road Data Not Available
P1381 Misfire Detected - No Communication with Brake Control Module
P1415 or P1416 Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System
P1431 Fuel Level Sensor 2 Performance
P1432 Fuel Level Sensor 2 Circuit Low Voltage
P1433 Fuel Level Sensor 2 Circuit High Voltage
P1441 Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System Flow During Non-Purge
P1514 Throttle Body Performance
P1515 Control Module Throttle Actuator Position Performance
P1516 Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) Module Throttle Actuator Position
P1517 Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) Module Performance
P1518 Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) Module Serial Data Circuit
P1539 Air Conditioning (A/C) Clutch Feedback Circuit High Voltage
P1546 Air Conditioning (A/C) Clutch Feedback Circuit Low Voltage
P1574 Stoplamp Switch Circuit
P1575 Extended Travel Brake Switch Circuit
P1626 Theft Deterrent Fuel Enable Signal Lost
P1630 Theft Deterrent Learn Mode Active
P1631 Theft Deterrent Start Enable Signal Not Correct
P1635 5 Volt Reference 1 Circuit
P1637 Generator L-Terminal Circuit
P1638 Generator F-Terminal Circuit
P1639 5 Volt Reference 2 Circuit
P1652 Powertrain Induced Chassis Pitch Output Circuit
P1810 TFP Valve Position Switch Circuit
P1860 TCC PWM Solenoid Circuit Electrical
P1870 Transmission Component Slipping

Chevrolet Corvette Undefined Codes

U1000 and U1255 Class 2 Communication Malfunction
U1001-U1254 Lost Communication with XXX
U1300, U1301, or U1305 Class 2 Data Link Shorted

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