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Apr 17, 2011
1992 roadster
just wondering if anybody has done a comlete chongeout on this system . i've replaced the deck but not much bass distortion @higher levels at highway speed. anybody know a good shop that has experience with later c4.
Fox's Auto Sound in Dorchester removed the Delco-Blowes factory audio system in my car replacing it with a 6 speaker Alpine system. They removed the original speaker and amp boxes, fabricating some wooden adapters to allow the new speakers to sit nicely behind the factory grills. They were also able to hide the small Alpine amp in the original stereo opening behind the new head unit to conceal it as well.
I am very pleased with the install and sound quality now.
There really isn't anything special about removing these stereos and replacing them with better ones. The only thing which limits the things you can or can not do is how much you want to spend.
thank you for the advise WCG thats basically what I wanted to do i already have the deck installed ,the local suggested the same arraingment with 4 speakers sub woofers and an amp. but the cost kind of blew me away. around 2300.00 If I may ask what was your cost on this upgrade. P.S. my car is a 92 rag. Regards Doug
I purchase the deck used (2 months old) and got the speakers and amp very reasonably. I think the total including installation was just over $1,200. I did not however go with any subwoofers, just the 6"x9" rear speakers, 6-1/2" door speakers w/ separate tweeters in the dash. I am quite pleased with the sound upgrade as I has decent bottom end punch.
If I was to add a subwoofer or 2, I would put them install them in the rear storage compartments. I have seen this done in a few C4's and it looked quite good and the storage of the 2 trays is very minimal at best.
thank you for getting back to me WCG thats what I'm looking for. just wondering f you bought the additional pieces from the installer? Thanks Doug
Car audio and electronics is just about as expensive as horsepower. The only real way to spend less is to get less.

I would suggest a set of front separates with a sub. Leave the rear speakers powered by deck power and fade them out to where the sound is barely heard. The sound should be coming from in front of you to sound properly anyhow.

Go with a 4 channel amp. First 2 chanels to your front stage and channels 3/4 bridged to a single sub.

Something like this with a mid level deck with the proper controls should be the best and most cost effective way to add decent tunes to your ride.
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