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Jan 11, 2009
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Hey! Saw your thread on looking for bbq's. What are you looking at?

Of course, my recommendation would be to get a Weber. I've only ever heard great things about them but then this other brand popped up that I never heard of. Vermont Castings?

I only like the gimmicky feature where their heat control knobs have led lights behind them and it looks cool! Function? I'm not so sure. I get distracted by shiny stuff. I also like that there is an LED light on the side for cooking at night. Anyone hear of Vermont Castings and if their bbq's are good? Costco has a model for 20% off right now.

I'm interested to hear what other bbq's people like.
We looked at Weber but I think I'm getting a Napoleon P500, I love the fact that you can use natural gas or charcoal in it. Also the side burner on it will do a lot more than just boil water, it's a high temp unit and is great for searing meat. Also made in Ontario in Barrie. :canada:

It has a large cooking area and although there are only 2 of us when Mary's family comes over there are a LOT of people. On the practical side the Weber lid is very hard for a short lady to lift compared to the Napoleon design. As this will be the last bbq I'll ever buy I think I'm getting one with all the bells and whistles :coolgleam:

Friends have a Vermont Castings and love it. The fact that it's available at Costco is an added bonus.

My brother has a small Weber Q grill that he uses in his camper he swears by it. Actually I think any of these three companies are very good, just look for the features that you need.
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