I'm no expert but I don't think this has 'maintainer' circuitry...?
I believe it is a 'smart' charger but may not have 'maintainer' capabilities..
I think a maintainer has some discharge/trickle charge capabilities.
My two units claim to be 'maintainers' and do more than just charge and shut-off automatically.
This is all so confusing.

We have a new business to Moose Jaw, they have a wide selection of ctek battery tenders. Much more than out Canadian tire store does.

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I have several C-tek units on the generator, lawn tractors and vehicles that are winter stored. All seem to get the job done. From what I have read on internet comments about various charger/maintainers, some others don't seem to be very reliable.
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yes, I had one from ct, didn't work worth a damn. at least the battery was 7 yrs old anyway, so probably due.
We have a new business to Moose Jaw, they have a wide selection of ctek battery tenders. Much more than out Canadian tire store does.

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Ctek have great reviews I use them for my boats. Went to buy one for the car, and now there are some many variations, not sure which one is the right one??

How do you choose?

P.S. I noticed the new ones have an option that has LED lights on the cable connected to the battery that shows green, yellow and red to indicate battery level. I think that is great option, since it shows when charger is not connected, very handy!
I have used Schumacher maintainers for about 8 years now. I have one on every one of my 6 collector cars and 1 M/C. Our son has 2 for his two cars - his oldest is about 5 years old. My oldest as I said is about 8 years old and the newest is now one year old. Not one has failed yet and they are all in use for at least 340 days a year. The most I paid was about $35 and the lowest was $20 (in the U.S. last year).
I don't understand this Ctec fixation. Just my opinion.
It really isn't a fixation. They are readily available here and at a decent price when on sale. I have yet to see a complaint about them. They just turn out to be good as well as far as keeping the batteries charged. I generally get 7+ years out of good batteries so it is going to be a while before I see if these things actually extend the life. Two or three extra years added to the life of a battery would make these things worth while. So far, everything starts for us in the spring after being on a C-tek and that's about all that I know for sure so far. Disconnected and sitting all winter, I have two go bad come spring time. in recent years. Schumacher might be good too but I have not run across one in the stores here.
Schumacher used to be readily available in our Walmarts, but might not be these days. My recent $20 one was from Walmart in the U.S. last March. $20 was their regular price! I think Princess Auto may still carry Schumacher. That is where I bought my second last one on sale for $30 about 2 or 3 years ago.
I think Ctec do have a "restoration feature" on some of their units. This apparently has a chance to de-sulfate a battery and bring it back to life if I understand correctly. Now that would be extra useful at times.
The literature with ours talks about going through charge and discharge cycles to prevent sulfation. I left the interior lights on in my truck and the battery was DEAD, not even a glimmer in the dome light. I put one of these units on to see if it would actually charge a battery. The truck started fine the next day so they will charge as well as maintain.
The quick answer to the whole battery tender/maintainer question is... "get them and use them" on cars that don't get regular use or sit in storage for a while. Ctek are no doubt good... but if you need several and are on a tighter budget... consider Schumachers for about $20 - $40.
Either way... you are likely to be happy and after a few years you will recover your costs in battery life and enjoy fewer frustrations with not starting.
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So much stuff out there is wildly over priced. Even when the dollar was on par with the U.S. dollar, we were still getting hosed. Any more, I don't buy anything unless it is on sale at a big discount.
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