Usually around 5k for me, unless I'm doing a lapping day, then I'll do one before the event. I always change my oil before winter storage regardless of kms.

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If you are talking about the first oil change in a new car, I'd do it within the first few hundred miles. A fresh rebuild I dump the oild after the first half hour just to get rid of any crud that I might have missed. We put about 9K miles of mostly highway miles on our Corvette each summer. I change the oil last thing in the fall and again in the middle of the summer or after about 4500-5000 miles. Even with using overpriced synthetic oils it's still cheap insurance. This has worked for the last 48+ years.
I have yet to have anyone able to explain to me what is in synthetic oils that makes them worth double and triple the price of conventional oils. Does anyone know? Perhaps gold dust is added. ;)
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Here is the official Break-In sequence from GM.

I work at a GM dealership so you can trust me. If you need additional info such as Track Prep guideline etc then please PM me or TXT me @ 416-826-7006 with your email address and Ill send it over to you.

Enjoy the Drive!

All Corvette Stingray models have a recommended break-in period during the first 2414 km (1,500 miles) that will prolong its
performance and driving precision.
Tires First 322 km (200 miles) Drive at moderate speeds and avoid hard cornering
Brake linings First 322 km (200 miles) Avoid making hard stops (recommended every time
brake linings are replaced)
Full throttle starts and abrupt stops First 800 km (500 miles) Avoid full throttle starts and abrupt stops
Exceeding 4000 rpm First 800 km (500 miles) Avoid exceeding 4000 rpm
Cruise control or driving at one constant
First 800 km (500 miles) Avoid cruise control or driving at one constant speed
Letting the engine labor or lugging the
First 800 km (500 miles) Avoid letting the engine labor or lugging the engine.
With a manual transmission, shift to the next lower
gear(this rule applies at all times, not just during the
break-in period)
Track or competitive driving First 2414 km (1,500 miles) Do not participate in track events, sport driving schools
or similar activities
Engine oil First 2414 km (1,500 miles) Check engine oil with every refueling and add if necessary
(oil and fuel consumption may be higher than
normal during the fi rst 2414 km)
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