Take EVERYTHING he says with a HUGE grain of salt. Peter is a former banned member of another forum and has since devoted his life (pretty sad actually) to discrediting GM and putting down the C7.

If your car stalled for this reason, it wouldn't have started again likely as the fuse would have been blown.
It still begs the question - did GM build the C7 in the manner described by him? If so, then I think he might have a point worth considering. Just my 2 cents.
I never thought I would see that name on this forum.:rofl: Don't worry about it C7ZL1! It's like getting financial advice from a conspiracy theorist.
I hope Big Dan 427 and ColoradoC6 never grace these pages either. :p

First I'd heard of these guys -- Sounds like some history that's interesting...:confused:

ok thanks guys.. :) wasn't aware of that…
I stalled my vette the first day and it wouldn't start…I think it may be the fact that it was almost empty…the dealership forgot to fill it up… My tank probably got air locked or something i guess…I flicked down on that switch with a spring on my battery and the car fired up again…no problem since. :)
Any one know what the problem could have been for certain…? thanks
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