May 18, 2018
bathurst New Brunswick Canada
The frame of my 78 needs a lot of work, leaving me with 3 options. 1 find a frame in good shape, 2 fix the frame or 3 make a new frame in aluminum. I have the tool to do all 3 options, has any one ever done an aluminum frame? I am very tempted to do it with the 35% weight of the aluminum... 1000 pound steel frame vs 350 pound aluminum frame.
Never seen or heard of a custom aluminum frame done. Alot of work obviously to fabricate one. It would lighten up the car 4sure, but that is taking out too much weight maybe as it would affect handling and make a harsher ride as the suspension is tuned for a certain weight. Searching for a better frame would be best, if can't find one then repairing yours is left.
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There is another option. An after market frame. I believe a number of companies make them. Collier Technologies near Niagara Falls used to but I can't find them on the net now so they may be out of business. They used to be about $7K for a new steel frame and about 15K for stainless steel I think. Here's a link to another company that makes frames and I'm sure there are others. Just another option to consider. Roadster Shop
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Well I think it’d be sweet to do an aluminum frame! You’d be the first I’d ever heard of to do that plus it’d be a fun project. You could also build it to allow front and rear coil overs as well as other improvments such as an area for a bigger fuel tank if you so desired or fab the frame to add a 4 or 5 link rear suspension to obtain better geometry. You have the old frame so it’d be easy to grab measurements to build the new frame. As long as you have or could obtain the knowledge for building a strong frame that can handle the forces I’d say go for it.

Or like 75roadster said, there are companies that sell the full frame with upgraded suspension that look really awesome as well. Let us know what you end up doing!
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