Maybe they just had a special on for you Rob. You would look good in that car at that price. Give them a call. Does seem "inexpensive" agreed.
The base price for a coupe in the US is $53,000 (usd) plus about $4,000-5000 discount which should bring the price down to as little as $$49,000 .The 2015's are only available in Canada :D
The picture is definately not that of a 2015 C7. But its possible that the sales person is attempting to pre-sell a 2015 C7 which they have on order and have a estimated delivery sometime in August. How he got the price still baffles me. So yes most likely it is a typo.

On a side note my dealership, Gateway Chevrolet, will be receiving 2 C7's in August. These are both retail units so you can book these now if you like:

2014 Corvette 3LT Coupe -- Auto, Summit White, Chrome Wheels, Red Calipers, Transparent Roof, NPP Exhaust, Battery tender -- TPW 08/04, Delivery late August

2015 Corvette 2LT Convertible with Z51 (includes NPP Exhaust) -- Manual, Torch Red Ext/Adren Red Int/Black Top, Chrome Wheels, Red Calipers, Magnetic Ride Control -- TPW 08/11, Delivery Late August/Early September.

Please call or TXT me @ 416-826-7006 to get more details or to book them.

They have not built a 2015 yet, the last production week for the 14's is Aug 4th. Must be a misprint.


Actually the first 2015 Corvette was sold back in April. It was at an Auction for charity. Winning bid was a whopping $ 1,000,000 for a 2015 Z06.

Here is the link:

The First 2015 Corvette Z06 Just Sold For A Whopping $1 Million

For the rest of us who want a Z06 we have to wait till Spring 2015. My dealership sold our first 2015 Z06 yesterday. This was a guaranteed allocation. We will know in a couple of weeks if this order opened up another Z06 allocation for us.


Owais Jamali
Call or TXT 416-826-7006
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Yes but the one that went for $1000,000 was not the actual car in the auction. I may be wrong but how can their be any 15's on the ground anywhere that are production cars?

Hi first_place_trailer,

The vehicle you see in the video is the one that was actually sold. Plz watch the embedded video. It has the Z06 emblems all over it.

The official production starts of retail units start w/o 08/11 BUT the Corvette Marketing and Promotions department does offer a limited number of vehicles to charity auctions. This was the only 2015 Z06 that I know of that has been sold and delivered so far. All other 2015 Z06 retail units will be delivered from Spring 2015 onwards.

If you are looking for a Z06 please let me know. We sold our first 2015 Z06 factory order last week. Delivery in Spring 2015.

Call or TXT 416-826-7006 for more info or to place your order.

Owais Jamali
Gateway Chevrolet
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Actually, that car was a pre-production car, it was the same car that was in Detroit at the unveiling. Rick bought the right to take delivery of VIN #00001 when it is produced. He did the same thing with the first z28 in Oshawa, it was a cool event..
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