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Feb 21, 2015
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I was just on the GM Canada web site and noticed that the price for a 2015 Corvette had increased by $2000 from when I ordered mine on March 3/15.
There does not appear to be any increase in the US price on Chevrolet.com.
Has anyone heard of an official announcement of a Canadian
price increase?
Interestingly, neither Porsche nor BMW have raised their prices on Caymans or M3/4's yet. While the C7 is the better car, I don't know that the perception of the general buyer has reached the point of accepting the vette at the same price level.
When I got my C5 Z06 I took the lease approach that is suggested above. I leased mine.

At the time I bought it I could not afford to lay out all the cash for it, don't forget in 2003 the Z06 was more expensive that the current C7. I probably paid too much if you calculated interest and all the related expenses of a lease but it was my only option.

I knew I would buy the car at the end of the lease. It worked for me strictly based on what I could afford for monthly payments. A number of thing got tossed in that I did not foresee (health/work issues) but I have never regretted the decision even though I went for a more than an entire year and did not drive it. I would not own the car today if it had not been for the lease option.
I waffled last year when I was offered a vehicle for the end of July, debated because of the price increases that seemed to be coming regularly. Good decision in hindsight as I had considered waiting until this spring. Probably saved me $12k.

Edit - I priced the exact same car today on the Cdn Chev website, mind you GM gave me some discounts beyond the norm but that same car today is $12,825 higher before tax this year. Wow !
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