1. Mr.Corvette

    Listing Corvette Z06 Z07 2024 @ MSRP [Deleted]

    I have been notified tonight of a Seawolf Grey 3LZ HTC Z07 Z06 car with CF painted rims and CF painted aero package, front lift, level 2 CF interior package, engine appearance package and other options has become available. Car is available at MSRP and is a zero mile car dropped off at the...
  2. J

    Looking for a C6 Z06

    Looking to purchase a clean C6 Z06 preferably under 60k kms. - Any model year - Any colour - Modded cars are welcome Please let me know what you have and where it is located.
  3. WN Jeff

    I think that its time to start getting excited about the Z06

    I want to start this post with a small disclaimer. If you're currently on a waiting list for a Z06, your patience will be a venture and very much worth it! The Eighth-Gen Corvette Z06 is not a Car it's THE CAR. To highlight this, I have provided a link to a video recently uploaded by Hagerty...
  4. WN Jeff

    Just like that... The Electric Corvette is announced!

    In addition to the amazing new Chevrolet #Corvette #Z06 coming this year, an electrified #Corvette will be available as early as next year and a fully electric version to follow. Stay tuned for more. 1h
  5. EOC John

    June 17-19 2022 Kingston Corvette Invasion

    Proud to announce the Kingston Corvette Invasion will be held in historic Kingston June 17-19 and we hope this will be the largest Corvette get together Canada for 2022. Almost 400 cars now registered, 2100 meals, Features, Friday night blocked off parking down town 4:00pm to 9:00 PM , with...
  6. WN Jeff

    Need your help Corvette Blogger Z06 Video Remix

    It would appear I accidentally got myself into a Z06 remix video challenge on Corvetteblogger! Please leave a comment on their site and let them know which one you prefer... So long as it's video number 2! [VIDEO] 2023 Corvette Z06 Remix - Corvette: Sales, News & Lifestyle
  7. nKuch

    Best dealerships for Z06

    Thought it would be a good idea to formulate a list together of known dealerships here in Ontario that are charging MSRP for a Z06. I personally have some deposits down at several dealerships and haven’t run into any over MSRP dealers yet, but I’m sure they’re out there. Help eachother save some...
  8. WN Jeff


    Here is the Z06 teaser video and press release Chevy just dropped for the C8 Z06! C8 Z06 Sound preview Full Press release https://media.chevrolet.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/home.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2021/jul/0719-z06.html
  9. C8 Z06 caught testing  Jan 20 2020

    C8 Z06 caught testing Jan 20 2020

    just came across this on facebook
  10. M

    For Sale C6 Z06 stock hood

    i got the stock hood off of my c6 z06 for sale. it is black, half of it is 3m'd, and all ceramic coated also. wanting 175 plus ship obo. text 306 460 5635 for pics please
  11. M

    LS6 With Vortech V2 Kit Out of C5 Z06

    Hello, I’m looking to sell my ls6 with a Vortech Procharger out of my c5 z06. The procharger kit will include everything necessary to install into a C5 Z06. Need funds to invest in a new motor setup :) The LS6 needs a rebuild (worn rocker arms and possibly bearings/rings) Comes with a BTR...
  12. Stangthunder

    BNIB Front And Rear C6 Z06 EBC Yellow Stuff Pads And GD Rotors

    Description Selling a BNIB front and rear set of, EBC Yellow Stuff Pads and EBC GD Rotors. Will fit C6 Z06 and Grand Sports. I have these on my C6 and they work incredible, stop great and very low dust from pads. EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads is the best all-around pad in EBC's lineup. Yellowstuff...
  13. Movie Muscle

    NEW OEM /GM Performance Water Pump for LS3 and LS7 Engines

    Brand new factory OEM /GM Performance Water Pump for LS3 and LS7 Engines. Comes from factory with thermostat housing and thermostat pre installed as well. GM part number is 19180610, casting number on housing is 12604630. Many mistake the casting number for the part number so you will see it...
  14. Karam

    C7 Z06 winter package (tires+rims+tpms)

    I have a barely used winter tire + rim + tpms set from a 2017 Corvette Z06. I purchased this set in late January 2018 and only drove 1000 kms on it. Although the manufacture date on the tires is 2011 and 2012, they were stored in a temperature controlled environment and never used until I bought...
  15. Z06 WR

    Z06 WR

  16. Z06


  17. Z06 WindRestrictor®

    Z06 WindRestrictor®

  18. Z06 WindRestrictor® Coupe

    Z06 WindRestrictor® Coupe

  19. RaceReadyGarageInc

    Johnny O'Connell on C6 Z06

    We Installed a set of Johnny O'Connell Sway Bars on this Beastly N/A C6 Z06. Quick easy mod with great results! This car went on to do great at the 2018 Battle Creek Speedfest half mile race in Michigan
  20. F

    Hello from Aldergrove BC

    Hello CCF! I’ve signed up as I’ve decided to get a C6 Z06 for my next toy and I thought I’d see what the car enthusiasts are up to these days. I haven’t been part of a club for many years - I used to do autocross with the VCMC club and also had fun with the VW Corrado club. I’m fairly handy and...