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Mar 3, 2019
2006 C6 convertible
Selling a BNIB front and rear set of, EBC Yellow Stuff Pads and EBC GD Rotors. Will fit C6 Z06 and Grand Sports. I have these on my C6 and they work incredible, stop great and very low dust from pads.
EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads is the best all-around pad in EBC's lineup. Yellowstuff works effectively for vehicles up to light trucks without losing any performance. On top of that, it has very high friction even right from the cold with no warm up s required for street use. When it heats up, it just grips even better while completely eliminating brake fade. So whether it's for street use or light race and track use, EBC's Yellowstuff delivers the utmost in brake system performance.
The EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads produce lower dust than OEM pads and have beveled edges and a center-line slot that minimizes the volume of your brakes and eliminates squealing. Repeated heavy braking is a cinch with these pads because they never experience Brake Fall-Offs.
Features: Excellent for muscle and sporty vehicles Fastest brake pads for street, drift and race No brake fade Heavy braking without brake "Fall-off" Minimal disc/rotor damage Suitable for short track events
High-performance street drivers need an exceptional level of cooling that can be provided for by EBC GD Brake Rotors. The rotors can resist corrosion on non-contact areas because it comes with an anodized finish. These rotors work best when used with EBC Greenstuff 6000/7000 brake pads, EBC Yellowstuff brake pads and EBC Redstuff brake pads.
The risk of cracking when the rotors are used under extreme heat and too much stress is eliminated due to the innovation of dimple-drilled indents and brake rotors. The indents combined with the rotors' straight vent slots discharges unneeded heat, brake dust, and friction gas. The rotors are made 100% reliable for street performance in any weather plus, it has a wider vented aperture for the free flow of air on both sides of the rotor which ensures that the metal expands evenly to reduce the risk of warpage. These brake rotors could last long and may even last up to the second set of brake pads. Get the GD Rotors for that unbelievable performance.
Features: Dimpled and slotted Corrosion-resistant thermic black or Nitrotherm finish

Asking $1500


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