Dec 23, 2013
1976/2014 Coupes
Would not the Allocations that a dealer gets for Z06's be based on the number of 2014 Corvettes sold not on the volume of cars that the dealer sells.
With only about 1800 - 2014's sold in Canada it would be interesting to know which dealer sold the most 2014 corvettes. Murray's in Winnipeg I think sold 14 Corvettes and I heard that Sherwood Park in Alberta sold 49. Maybe a dealer could reply as how the Allocations are assigned (On volume or On Corvettes sold)?
The typical belief is that they are allocated on the number sold, however, this seems to be valid moreso in the US this year than Canada, atleast thusfar.

If we looked at a 1/5 ratio, that would be 238 and I am sure all here would agree Canada is not seeing anything near that. Even on a 1/10 we are looking at over a hundred Z06 allocations and, the ONLY way they can achieve that would be through a second allocation assignment, that of which more than doubles (and maybe quadruples depending on the total number of actual allocations thusfar) the alreaded assigned allotment.

I really don't think there is a set pattern, other than some demand calculation for both US and Canada. My dealer sold 5 Vettes last year. They have one Z06 allocation and I have that confirmed through GM, although all that GM can do is guarantee the allocation is going to that dealership, not me personally. That is where trust has to be present.
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