Aug 23, 2010
Southcentral Ontario
1967 BBC coupe


Who's got other examples? I need some ideas. I've got an-acre-and-a-half to play with. :D


:nono: Oops. Sorry dear.
you should have seen the " yard art " on an acre lot i bought just down the road. fridges,stoves.bbq's,an old honda civic,a chev celebrity,filing cabinets,a coo coo clock,plastic totes filled with everything from soup to nuts and on and on.one plastic tote nearly tore my arms out of their sockets,opened it up to find a four banger engine block !!! took about a month to liquidate all of my yard art treasures but i netted $500 in scrap and one of the cars had a new gas weedwhacker in the trunk.i sold it to a neighbour for $50. a couple of months later i guess somebody took pity on me now being " artless " and tossed an old tv over the fence. but i can understand yard art way better than i can jackson pollack. :rofl:
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