Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
Last night decided to drive out to our local cruise night at the Canadian Tire lot in Ancaster.

Within minutes I spotted Brian's yellow C4, we chatted a bit and then this red C5 pulled up. I noticed it had a very unusual hood so went over to talk to the owner. Within minutes the hood was up and I was starring at this:


Apparently it's a Harrop intake with individual throttle bodies, I believe it's made in Australia.

Here are a few other shots, you can see Brian's C4 to the left in the last photo.


Brain fade as I didn't get a photo of the hood, ....well there's always next week.

By the way Manny, the owner Mo (hope it's spelled correctly) said to say "hello" to you. It really is a small world.
Great pictures Wayne.
And that was one nice C5, but I don't think you captured the colour of that car quite right. It truly did show well.
Between that guy (MOE) and Manny, I think you are about to spend a bunch on some mods...... LOL !
That is "One Sweet Ride".

Mo is a great guy and has done most of the work on his Vette himself.
Brian, you are correct, the car is more red than that.

Two problems:

1) The sun at that time of day is brutal, really far too bright.
2) I'm too lazy to bother correcting it. :D

The other thing about this car is that it had a string of LED lights at the bottom of the front signal lights. They looked great as the spacing was very tight, not the "I did it myself ricer look" that is very popular with some German cars
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