I finished my truck project last year which oddly enough was a project truck so I would have something to drive while I do my project project truck. However, since "Finishing" my project truck, I had to fix the radio, twice, change the transmission, and still have to hook up the off road lights, fix the A/C, and fix the broken wire so the passenger window works.

Just in case people are in need of something to read to get through the winter a bit quicker, here is the link: Truck Build Thread
Big Plans for my 86 this year. 383 Stroker rebuild including roller rockers and cam. Full racing exhaust system from Melrose Racing . Intake and ignition upgrades and a tranny swap. Got all my ducks in a row just have to wait for my mechanic buddy to finish up his car first.
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My car is at Mannys shop. Getting the tranny beefed up with carbon fiber syncros and a mgw shifter. Also upgrading it with c6 z06 clutch and tick master. And getting Lg headers installed, with x pipe hi flow cats, and getting bypass mod on the ti catcback done and dyno tuned. Other then that getting all the fluids changed as well with a little tune up. Should be all done next week sometime, now the wait till spring.
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Threw on new Carbotech brakes and did a double coat of cQuartz Finest before covering her up:


Then it never snowed so I threw in a new aFe Momentum HD CAI... as if I need any additional HP...


And then I got bored on Christmas Eve so lifted the car as best I could and threw on the new Corsa Double Helix X-Pipe... and this is how she sounds...

Would you believe my "aged and no so trim body any more"...fit under here?


The neighbors were VERY impressed! Now off to Edmonton, Las Vegas for CES and then Spring Mountain for some great driving next week! Stay tuned as we are doing an article on the Spring Mountain adventure...
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I bring team of 8 or so every year to cover things for our websites. This year...,they work...I drive! My sons both live and work in Edmonton; one will coming to Vegas for the first time which is pretty exciting.
I guess my changing the oil and filter turns out to be no biggie.

Some great upgrades you guys are doing. :thumbs:

Henkz06 that is quite the project you have going on at Manny's, can't wait to see you and hear the car again. Nice plan.

Allflash, just what that beast needs is more sound! Very nice. Safe travels Les.
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