Even though they were up 31-6 by the half, I really wasn't confident until they got their nearly back to back touchdowns. Up until that point, if the Riders started to relax and Hamilton caught on fire the game still could have turned up until that point but those touchdowns really put the game out of reach for Hamilton. It looks like the Riders really wanted the cup and I am glad they got it. What a great game for the fans of the Riders......not so great for the Hamilton fans.
Hamilton didn't have their A game -- and then there was the crowd... and what a crowd!.

'Grats to the RR's and their fans. They deserved it all the way.

Their win certainly warmed it up in Regina.:D

Actually, I do have to mention that the funniest thing during the game was the look on Buris's face as the snapped ball went right by him. He didn't even turn around to go after it! He just stood in disbelief that the play started! I think the fans are to take credit for that one!
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