I have quite a backlog of work to do on all my vettes. The ZR-1 needs all fluids changed after an amazing track season at RMM

The 89 will get a new windshield, (a big, complicated job on a c4), two minor fiberglass repairs, and a partial repaint, some lcd bulbs, the c68 controller module new resistors.

The 84 gets an engine swap PO overheated it. And paint/weatherstripping.

The 90 caged racecar gets its electrical switches and fire suppression installed.
any new calgary area c4’s on here?

amazes me how dead the c4 section is on here
I met so many c4 owners in my x-🇨🇦 travel over this past Summer alone. AB,SK,MB,ON,NB,NS and PEI. I drove the distance and now know new and many old-timers with C4s. Enjoyed Conversations which had a lot of questions about their C4s and, along with my personal contact info, I recommended to each about how to find @VikingTrad3r (my c4 go-to owner) specifically on this site. I was hoping that even a few would reach out to you. Does not appear to be … darn … (only 4 of them here now 🙁)

I really regret missing your Aug invite as I sadly got delayed in my return and then business got crazy for me to return in a RUSH.
Next Spring/Summer ☕🍩 👍🏻
… or sooner …
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