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Oct 30, 2013
None, thinking of C7
For a spring 2014 delivery? Ex. late April or May 1st. How long does it take to make and ship up here? My dealer wants me to order asap but I thought I should wait until at least the new year.
It depends on what you order .Yes your dealer wants to lock a sale in right away ,If I we're selling something I'd feel the same way .Personally IF I order one it will be a 2015 and museum delivery .

Now that I haven't told ya anything I'd say 8-10 weeks but there will be constrains often during the first 18 months of production until all the vendors get in line .
I read online the other day that there was a 12 month wait for a Z51 equipped car. Sales must be going well!
:agree:To what Laicsfan said. Although I haven't seen anything official from GM. The Z51 cars are on constraint. However, you didn't mention in your post if you even wanted a Z51 car so this may be a moot point.

Delivery times seem to be all over the place with some people getting a 6 week turn around where others ordered last year and are still waiting. I think it depends on the number of vettes allocated to your dealership and if they hold high priority for GM. Basically, in a nut shell, I'm saying I don't know!.....but I did get to increase my post count by one! :D

Great to have you on the forum Achmed!!! I hope you feel very welcome here!
I would think you need to order early and be extremely aggressive with your salesperson, visit them at home in the evenings just so they get the hint that this purchase is very important to you.

Holding one of their family members ransom may help speed things along although with some relatives it might backfire on you.
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12 months, wow...if that's the case I would rather just wait for a 2015 model. I'm hoping by then they have inferno orange and black wheels in the non-Z51 model.

I left a $2500 refundable deposit with my dealer earlier this summer to secure an allocation, and to have the order submitted I need to top up another $2500 at which point it becomes non-refundable. I kinda wanted to wait until the Jan/14 detroit auto show to see what's in store for 2015, what the hi-po version will be like, etc. before ordering. Will see, if I do get a 2014 I'm thinking of a Z51 auto, yellow with stripes.
Yellow and black with the stinger stripe looks absolutely awesome! I wonder if they'll introduce a couple new colors next year? Hopefully they get their painting process sorted out as a few have been released with runs. I guess the car is just to fast for even the paint to hold onto! :D
O ordered my Z51 with carbon fiber last month and the dealer received the confirmation last week. I am still being told Late April or early may. Fingers crossed! :)
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