Dec 29, 2012
Barrie, ON
2000 C5 Convertible
Hello all. I have a set of C6/Z06 chrome aluminum rims from Wheel Replicas on my C5. They come with plain center caps and I've been thinking it would be nice to have the Corvette logo center caps. Does anyone know if the OEM center caps will fit in these replica wheels?
Hum, was thinking of doing this on mine also?

Hum, was thinking of doing this on mine also?

I was just looking at your picture, did you put on side skirts on the car? I can't make out if it's just the reflection but looks great if you had added something. I have a 2002 and currently working on the HP side. Once that is done hoping to get to the cosmetics.

Rims look great.
WoW ! Your car looks awesome ! I love the look of my C6 , but the C5's look every bit as good and the body kit just tops it off ! :)
The car looks fantastic!!!! I was looking at that kit but haven't seen a car with it all installed.
Do you have any problems with clearance? I had Manny lower the car using the stock bolts as I really didn't like the large gap between the wheel well and tires. I don't think it went lower than approx 1 inch but it was enough to give it a better appearance. I know I could go lower by changing the bolts but I didn't want the ride to become to hard and of course always concerned about clearance.
Not to steal away the original tread......

He lowered my car also, its got about 3.5" in the front.
Just angle the car when going up a steep incline and go
slow, you should be ok. Shoot me a PM if you have any
other questions.

Sorry for getting off the topic about C6/Z06 chrome aluminum
rims from Wheel Replicas and if OEM center caps will fit, anyone?
All this talk of lowering, can u lower a c4 and is there a lot involved?

I think you need some new shorter front springs and a new or modified rear leaf spring, could be wrong though?
Give Manny a shout, I am sure he can help you out in lower your C4.
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