My 2001 FLHT


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Yes I JUST had it repainted and $5000 into the motor, but.....I went to go for a ride on the weekend and I started it up to warm it up, and it ran for about 30 secs and then stopped!!!! No spark anymore!!..damn!! you think putting $5000 into your bike and you would have no problems but nooooo now the ignition decides it wants to quit!! With the bike show coming this weekend too!! Any help here for a quick fix would be MUCH apreciated as I would like to ride to the bike show and not drive!! lol!!
cant be of much help to u for shops in Saskatoon; I use Red in Regina or Rick Dawson in Yorkton. Both good shops but a long haul for an ignition problem.. sorrry.. you head to St. Victor on Fathers Day weekend?
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