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Feb 8, 2009
Greg in Toronto/Gtown
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I guess we should have left TO for the weekend??

Well we live on the south edge of Centenial Park its across the road from the house and I guess too
close to the city, airport and seems all the G20 action.

The wife said we should go away for the weekend with the G20 taking place downtown.
I said, oh you will not even know, boy was I wrong.

Ever since it became dark out we have had helicopters circling overhead and doing a 4-5 min. cycle.
If you live in the Etobicoke area you might have heard them already, looks like they run down the bottom
side of the airport, south a bit then east and then back north then do the loop again, and again for 5+
times then loop further south for 20 min then back again.

We can see part of downtown in the distance from the upper floor of the house and you can see all the
spot lights circling the sky over TO, feel like we are in a police state!!

I hope this does not go on all night but have the feeling we will be hearing them till dawn.
I guess they dont want any small planes flying in low to the down town area under radar or something
like that? This is just crazy, I cannot wait to get back to the country!!
rubber bullets and rewards for fingers of those wielding bats.

Ok, the last one is harsh, but those thugs I saw on the street with sticks, etc, were the same types you see at the bar at 2am, looking for anything. I bet if you ask them what a G20 is, they would say an import car. Just young guys looking to start crap. That is why it happened on a saturday nite. Real protesters would actually be home tired from a week of protesting. The protesters types I know want to puke when they see that go on. Big fines/punishment should be handed out to the silver spoon trash, but of course the truly silver ones will get off.
I noticed when they raided the university campus the other morning there was alot of french people they said
where from the Montreal and Quebec area from some local anarchist group.

Like how the police where out in full force both days but did nothing during the violence Sat but on Sun when
there was no real violence they arrested everyone.
Sat they stole a few police cruisers and then ended up damaging or tourching them but never saw any police
try to get them back or stop the cars from getting burned?

Go figure, think they where just trying to justify the 1-2 billion dollar pricetag.
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Is it possible that the Police just did this as a distraction or as a ploy to get all the boneheads to congregate in a single area? Maybe hey left the area a little less patrolled and put a couple of their oldest cruisers out there so that it would attract all the rejects and it would be easier to watch them then. Much easier to control the goons when you know where they are instead of having them all spread out. For the cost of a couple crap cop cars there were about to be put out of service, it would be worth it.

I'm just saying this not really knowing much about it, but it could be possible. Maybe they needed a one hour window to move some people.
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