Mar 9, 2009
Saskatoon, Sask.
2005 vert much for my Z06.....oops! Vette decided to run into the back of a parked truck at....well....lets just say 50 kph.


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The story

Was driving down Taylor.... leaning forward to light a smoke and the car must have wanted to mate with this parked truck.... they mated and thats the "going the speed limit" results....good penetration was had. The Mustang that was beside me at the time and another sporty car behind stopped to see how I was which was very nice. Car was rolling backwards and still running as I sorta woke up, shot the truck forward @ 20ft. Was charged with undo care and attention for a tune of $280. Lessoned learned here is no smoking in vettes....ya, we will go with that. My nose (cracked or broken), left arm, neck and back are just killing me. Them there airbags have a good punch....either that or I was in a UFC fight last night and just forgot.
Should know in the next fews days what SGI will cough up. I am really unsure how that works as I have not had an accident for years. I "was" a plus 15 rating... now must minus 6 points. Puts me at 9 so I still will get a good deal on plates. Will let you know what happens with SGI.
Hope they don't try to low ball you on your ride! I had a battle with my insurance people,they tried to value my truck way lower than I payed for it and to write it off. You do have some bargaining room,do not get pushed around! End result is I got my truck repaired at near what they said the total value was,and it wasn't much damage at all! Good luck I hope you are feeling better!
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