What a coincidence: I was involved with racing one of those back in the late '60's with a (transplant) 413.

You're right -- along with many others in the era -- a neat old car.

And no I doubt anyone has every gotten back out of a car they've built what they put into it. -- ever -- I know my friends haven't -- not even close when including the time investment.
The first car I owned and had on the street legal; was a 63 Dodge. No big V8 car like this though. I had a 225 leaning tower of power slant six. Push button automatic. I use to call it my "half a hemi". Bought this car from an uncle that was going to scrap it, paid $20 for it. Drove it for about a year, and sold it to another kid for $30. Only car I ever made money on.
those 62-64 dodges and plymouths are becoming quite desirable and 28k is pretty reasonable. not many of them survived and certainly people didn't hang onto them like they did corvettes. nobody would've scrapped a corvette yet not a second thought would have been given to crushing the older detroit iron. it is disheartening to see what is done to older classics on television. for example the chargers on dukes of hazard or more recently that idiotic canada's worst driver.
That is a good price--all things considered...........

Love those dog-dish wheels--I agree that it's s true sleeper....
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