Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Well, I'm on my way. One of those piss or get off the pot scenarios.

So for those of you kind enough to offer help here is my schedule:

Sunday, April 28, 2013
Flight WS 538WestJet arrives at 3:40 pmHamilton (YHM) Hamilton

So who wants to pick me up??

Departing is more of a challenge. I may end up having to go to Hamilton Wednesday night as my flight leaves

Thursday, May 02, 2013 WS 537WestJet 7:00 am Hamilton (YHM) Hamilton

But this will give me three plus days of fun with the car and my fellow owners!

Now I can only hope that the weather will cooperate!!

Scheduled are going out for a run with the Cambridge Harriers Club from Victoria Park Tuesday night. Gotta meet with the locals whne in town so if any other runners want to hit them with a parking lot full of Vettes it might raise some eyebrows!!

I also have to meet a book publisher George Bradford a few miles south of the KW airport on Brenda Ave. at some point.

If I ever can go to a good used book store as well I would welcome that opportunity.

Otherwise cars cars cars!!!!!! I want to see you guys with your cars while I am there and do some crusing, racing, whatever!!

Now Manny, I know you're a family man and I'm arriving on a Sunday. How does this work with you??????? Can I get my lady????

Whew! The hard part was booking the flight, so now I'm committed! And if it snows, I'll sit in the shop for three days and make sure my seat covers are installed properly!

I'd better remember to put the insurance back on the car too!!


Sounds great Garry! I could possibly drive down on the 29th to meet up with you guys, weather permitting. I'm off that day and the long range forecast is showing sunshine and about 10C.

Were good to go Garry :D

Looking fowrard to meeting and most importantly handing over the keys to your Z :canada:
Hey Garry:
Sunday, April 28, 2013
Flight WS 538WestJet arrives at 3:40 pm Hamilton (YHM).

I can make it over there for this date/time and run you over to Manny's. If this is of any help. It just so happens that my wife will be out of town that I doubt if anything else will come up.
Ok Garry -- I've done some legwork on some events and locations for you:

-George Bedford -- the publisher lives at 10 Brenda Ave. off Banat rd which is off Fountain street a few clicks from Manny's in Breslau. phone: 519-650-1055

-Casablanca Bookshop -- 146 King Str. Kitchener. phone: 519-576-0026

-Cambridge Harriers Running club -- meets at Victoria Park off Wentworth Ave. Cambridge.
Cambridge Harriers Running Club - Home

Hotels: I"d suggest Best WEstern near hwy 401 north Galt section - or 4-Points in Preston section also near hwy 401.
Will post links later.

If you need a ride back to the airport on Thursday May 2 -- I could probably do that -- can't promise -- I need to discuss with Marg first and make sure nothing is on here.

Get togethers/Racing/and such I can probably participate in on a limited basis, again have to see what's happening on the particular days.

I've just heard from Manny and I'm starting a new thread on meeting up with you and as many as can attend supper on the Sunday you arrive.

Will be great to finally hook up with the man from northern Alberta.:D
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Good afternoon Gentleman,

What can I say. I am a humbled individual at this moment by the outpouring of kindness that you are all showing me with your offers of help and assiatance.

Unless it changes for you, Wayne, as you offered 1st to pick me up if you're good to go with that so am I. But anyone else who wants to convoy along please feel free!

As for Thursday morning, Colin, it is going to be a case of getting ourselves out of bed pretty darn early to ge me there to make my 7 am departure time - you feel confident and comfortable with this and it being Marg approved......

And I sure hope as many of you as possible can make it for Sunday supper! I'll make sure to have my camera batteries charged!

Tuesday night will be running, nothing booked with George Bradfor yet but he's told me he is flexible and any time Monday/Tuesday works for him.

Things are finally falling into place!

Thankfully I am flexible. I want to meet EVERYONE, do some driving, keep up my exercising and just take everything as it comes otherwise..........


It's looking good for Thursday morning, April 2, early, to get you and take you to the airport. Yes it'll be early -- but that's ok with me. It'll be about 60 minutes from the 4Points hotel in Preston should you decide on that hotel so will have to get you by 5 to 5:30'ish since they'll want you there half hour early. Should be relatively clear run at that time of day. :D

I'm hoping the weather is as good that week as it will be next week.

Good evening Colin,

Sounds good, I'll take the drive Thursday morning! If I can't go to the airport in my SC car then yours must be the next best thing!!!

Keith, I'll try to give them a call. But I may have just stumbled onto an exceptional opportunity. Goerge Bradford appears to be willing to start to part with some of his books. This will be a rare oppotunity as he's been in my hobby since like 1960. This may be a case of the starts aligning for me, depending on price and if I can stuff teh car full of books for the return trip by train - which sadly I don't think I can!! But I may have to hade books in ever nook and cranny I can!!

Wow I will have trouble sleeping this week you guys! You can't imagine how excited I am to get this going on!!!


I can meet up. I'm on holidays that week. Woot! Woot!:thumbup:

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I can meet up. I'm on holidays that week. Woot! Woot!:thumbup:

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Good timing Justin :D -- Let me know when you're free and we can hook up with Garry. I'm usually free mid to late morning and early afternoon.

Maybe we can help Garry put his new seat covers on.:D

Good morning Wayne,

Hey SC or non-SC, any Corvette, any style, any modification would be more than welcome to greet me! Of course CB's yellow 'vert will be a bit extra special but there will be a few different body styles so it is going to be nice to see a group of them all together which is not something I'd ever get to experience where I live so I am looking forward to this.


Good morning Riley,

It is an odd sensation. I was telling my son this morning that a week from now I wold probably be driving the Z06. His response was sort of muted but then again he was probably had more Pokemon on the brain than anything.

Worst of all is knowing that I had originally been booking the flight to be leaving today but the weather forecast, which turned out to be wrong anyway, changed that for me! Then again as this is the short week with my son coming up it does allow me to be leaving Sunday for extra time in country which I would not have had had I left today so I did gain that way.

And the way the local forecast is looking here, we're going to be staying in low single digits with possibilities of more snow flurries toward the end of the week so it is not as if seeding is going to be delayed as a result of the upcoming trip.

But as the weather slowly improves I find myself thinking more and more about being in the drivers seat and how much joy that is going to give me. Maybe the possibility that it will be as great an experience in my life as buying the car was at this time last year. Really, in the most dramatic of ways, it is like a whole new car so the excitement it going to be high.

I'm actually PO'ed by the other sportscar onwers who are out driving their cars right now and how I can't be one of them...........

I am sorry both that I will not be driving through your neck of the woods Riley and also that you can't be there to celebrate with us. But we'll be thinking of you and I know you'll be there in spirit with us all.


+15, +18, +20 for Cambridge Sun/Mon/Tues! Now that is something I can get excited about!!!! That would even be decent roof down weather for you optional topless guys!

One more day to go, the Wednesday forcast and everything will be in place.


It promises to be much better than it's been lately Garry -- You should see some sun, warmth, and stay fairly dry. :D

Not long now, my friend....

Looks like another yellow (C5) slipped in by mistake.....enjoy, I know you won't mind since you like yellow a lot. :D

I took a few more pics of your Vellocity Yellow beauty yesterday for you:

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