Dec 2, 2012
2011 Grand Sport
Some evil entity somewhere does not like the back end of my car ... :(

It was such a beautiful evening yesterday that my wife and I piled into the Vette and headed out for a very enjoyable cruise ... just taking any road that looked interesting .
We ended up at the Mandarin restaurant in Barrie . The parking lot was full but in the back corner I saw a really nice new, high-end Mustang backed into the curb with several open spaces beside him ... I backed in beside him, leaving lots of room for both of us to open our doors wide.

We had a nice dinner and when we came out the Mustang was still there, and no one had parked beside me on the other side. Everything the same as when we arrived .
Had a nice drive home and put her to bed in the garage .

This morning when I went out to clean the bugs and dust off .. What do I find ??
Three scratches all the way across the back of my car ! ! Evenly spaced and very obviously purposely done ! :mad::mad:

I'd heard that some whacko's will go out of their way to vandalize Vettes, and now I know it's true .

I tried Adams swirl and scratch remover and some rubbing compound , it helped a bit but the scratches are still there and very noticable .. Looks like I'll be painting the whole rear panel .:(
Bummer !!
And scratches are really difficult to get out.
Just spoils the whole outing doesn't it. According to comments made on another
forum,[g], there is just no stopping these folks. They 'feel' the're getting back
at others who are better off than themselves. Regardless how much such people
have worked to reach ones goals.

Sympathy , Jim

I have done well and people say " you are lucky".
Yes the harder I worked the luckier I got.
It drives me crazy to see all those workers?? standing around at a job site, doing nothing.
I had to work for my pay as I was a tradesman who worked for myself.
I worked many weekends and even Christmas day.
So I have a 2003 Vette so what.
Why do they think they need to damage it for no reason?
It is most likely cheaper than their F 150 or Silverado
There will always be jealous minded people around who will vandalize nice things, from cars to tomb stones. I don't know about other places, but around our area there is a certain element of the Corvette owners who have a nose in the air attitude which rubs a lot of people the wrong way. It rubs me the wrong way too for that matter. With some of them it is so bad that I can see where someone might want to key their cars. All of us tend to get tarred with the same brush, treated accordingly and possibly you get the dirty end of the stick.......or key.
That sucks! It would be great to catch these people and make them fix your car in front of a public audience with a sign that states what they did (if they could do it properly) or have them work in a kitchen until they can pay for the repair....or just getting to kick them in the balls once a week for a few months would be nice too and make them think twice about doing it again. I hate thieves and vandals. Some of the laziest, useless bastards out there. Just a pure drain on society.
.........You're aware of that element now Jim..The only thing you can do is be extra aware of where you park: in view is best for me. At least I can see the 'activity' around the car. For that reason I try not to park anywhere that I can't see the car. If there's somewhere out of view that I must visit, I go home and get another car.
Not always convenient and understandable for many but keeps me sleeping at night..
Sorry about your luck Jim .. The only alternative to my method is hope for the best and get it fixed when sh*t happens (and hope and pray that you don't see the bast*ard that gets off on this kind of thing).

An expert will tell you if it's fixable or whether a repaint is necessary. It will depend on the depth of the scratches.

I hope you didn't get the other ding fixed already. That would be hard to take just in case a repaint is necessary.

You probably know someone down your way but up my way is Steve McEwan of Finishline Collision (at the back of Manny's) whom I can vouch for.
Steve will do the job you want -- whether you want to go that far is another matter.

Good luck with repairs and keep us in the loop.
Good afternoon Jim,

Most likely was someone from Livingston International out on a night on the town..........

But I do heartily agree with Wayne, they will get theirs in time, of that you can rest assured.

I like Colin's advice too. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I haven't been to a restaurant in about 5 years!! Well outside of the one Manny took me to when I was down at the end of April anyway.


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