Buck, you're talking muscle cars, and kijiji ads are always inflated--it's not just cars, but people tend to overvalue their stuff more often than not.
So, are you saying if I put my 2000 on kijiji for $28,000 that it is over valued? :rofl:

The funny thing is people think you have a lot of money if you have a Corvette. My car and truck COMBINED cost a lot less than what the people "who think I am rich" paid for their modest sedan, minivan, etc.

Once I correct them about how affordable Corvettes are, I also tell them that my Corvette gets better mileage than their car. :D
We are looking for a 2003-2006 Corvette convert....
I'm not paying what most people want. Some are way too high priced.
Most are trying to get top dollar++ or they will keep it? Odd strategy?
One fellow told me his 2003 convert didn't sell last year for $30K so he waited a year and dropped it to $28K..??? It is still not selling.. Imagine that.
The fair priced ones sell quickly. I missed a couple by minutes.
Never a bad thing to go and look at cars regardless of price. If someone is willing to pay a premium, that's great. As a seller I won't ever know in less I have an inflated starting point.

That being said, the dealers start off at borderline criminal prices for their used vettes on kijiji.
When did you sell it? I would think that you made out nicely on that sale price if it was recently! Congrats!

Although I am sure the new owners got a cream-puff car as well!
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