May 7, 2014
St. Albert
2019 Z51 Convertible
I have two questions for C7 owners;

1. Is the navigation system still DVD based?

2. How crisp does the automatic transmission shift?

I have a C6 with the A6. The shifting was very weak until I installed a tune. I hope/expect the C7 transmission to be a lot better regarding the shift-map and how quick the shifts are made.

Thank you.
Thanks Bomber

If I get chance to go the C7 route the trim level I target depends on the principal of operation for the navigation system. :D

I am waiting to hear from an owner of the A8. It would be even better if the person was a previous owner of a C6, A6.

Thanks for looking.

I just found that out myself!

I stopped in Westgate Chevrolet yesterday afternoon and talked to a sales manager. I also learned the C7 has a very long list of options to personalize your car.

FYI. 2014 base convertible (A6) has a reasonable price of ~$64k. (There is a 2012 1LT convertible on the used car lot with an asking price of $56k :eek: )

2015 prices have not been released.

I am seriously thinking of a C7 ... :D

You'll have to wait till next spring unfortunately. Definitely do get a C7. They are amazing vehicles, but get your order in early. I would bet all the first couple of allocations are reserved in Alberta which might get them before the snow falls this year. Everyone else will receive them over the winter or in the spring of next year.

Seeing as you are in St. Albert, the Sherwood Park dealership will have the most allocations. They get the most or second most in all of Canada. I personally didn't like dealing with them and didn't buy from them, but you might talk to a better salesman.

The 2015 is not out of reach for me. I'm waiting for the prices to be published, probably this September or so.

I will look for a used 2014 too. If the right car (arctic white, adrenaline red, black convertible top) is available I will take the jump. I haven't been watching the currency exchange lately but I would not hesitate to go to the USA again.

Plan B is; two local Chevrolet dealerships will take my car in trade in a heart-beat.

I will be putting my car on an Edmonton lot this Thursday. I work in Calgary so this will be one solution until I am home full-time. I'm not driving it much so far this summer anyway....

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