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Dec 15, 2010
2004 C5 Coupe
Not sure if anyone can help here. Back in October my 2004 was working fine. I came out of meetings at the end of the day and it turned over but wouldnt start. I had it towed. Call the repair place the next day and they said it started no problem. I have had the same problem the last 2 saturdays. Had it towed to the dealer and they said it started fine and cant figure out the issue unless its not starting. Anyone have any idea. Very frustrating.
First off are you getting any engine codes comimg up? You can pull them from the DIC.

What battery are you using, Whats your battery voltage reading?. I am leaning towards a low battery. The voltage is important but if you are reading the voltage in the wrong place, like off of the DIC, then you are not getting an accurate value. Use a voltmeter and check you should be seeing 12.5V with the ignition off, if not then I would believe your battery is on its way out. These cars are very sensitive to voltage

Try a charger on it and see if things improve.
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