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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Well, I thought I would just throw this out there. The tires on the car are cupping or scalloping quite a bit. Does anyone know the cause? Is it alignment? Is it worn suspension? The tires are cupping on both the inside and outside of the tires on the front and possibly the outside on the drivers side back tire.

Tires are Kumho Ecsta SPT. On the car since I bought it four years ago. An alignment was done when it was inspected at that time. Tire pressure has always been good.


If it is worn suspension, what would a good, economical upgrade be? I've heard C6 Z06 shocks are great but am not looking at upgrading the swaybars to C6 Z51's yet so I don't know if it would be worth doing the shocks now while I wait to upgrade the swaybars.
Those Jerks! The previous owner had an alignment done before I bought the car and the dealership that did the provincial inspection said it was out of specs according to SGI and had to be done. (I thought GM's specs would be better than the insurance agency) I think it was a money grab and they probably put it out of alignment.
Could be some worn out parts in the front end too Riley.

I had an Infiniti that ended up with cupping tires in '04 and it turned out to be end links and tie rods?? -- forget exactly now but parts were bad in the front end.

As far as alignment goes I just had my GS set up to a non aggressive spec to save on tires.
Can't remember the specs now but camber and tow were set pretty much to 0.
Suits my style of driving better and the need for longer lasting tires.

Could be some worn out parts in the front end too Riley.


NO! It can't be my car! Common, work with me here. I'm trying my best to blame someone. Parts don't wear out on 12 year old cars. It's like brand new.:rofl:

I did have the car inspected last year for worn components and everything seemed tight. Seriously though, with the roads we have here, it wouldn't be too surprising if a good bump put it out of alignment.

The question is now, do I get new tires and a wheel alignment or is now the time to get new tires AND wheels and do a wheel alignment? I've been wanting to move up to a 18"/19" or 19"/19" so I can eventually put on C6 Z51 brakes. I could just stick with the stock rims now and once THOSE tires wear out, move up to the bigger wheels......decisions....decisions... I really do like the thin spokes. I just wish they were bigger and the after market thin spoke 19's just don't quite do it.
from what I need to replace the tires. ie. once the tires are
'cupped', they will not change even with an alignment.

So.....the bank account will tell you if you're in for just an alignment and new tires,
or...alignment, new wheels and tires.[ vbg].

Oh decisions, decisions !!

Tony, welland
Cool! Thanks Tony. My guess is that I should just do tires and an alignment. I really like how the car looks now so I'm in no rush. However, since I'm in for an alignment, it sounds like a great time to lower the car!

I think they look good lowered the ones I've seen both had problems suckin trash up to the top of the radiator .I use to jack my C5 up twice a year just to vacuum the upper part of the radiator .I found pampers ,training bra and a baby stroller one year .Ya might (might not )need to clean her out a little more often .
Wow, If I lowered my ride it would drag its arse more easily.
I already have minor clearance issues with speed bumps, driveways and curbs.

If I were you I'd be very reluctant to lower especially since you may have suspension issues already. JMHO Riley.


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