I totally feel for the customers (and dealerships) waiting for allocations and better news however it appears that GM did build and deliver a total of 36020 C7's in US and Canada combined in 2014. that's twice as many as the year before when they delivered a total of 17615 copies.

Now if all the new C7 fans had shown the same kind of affection to the C6's then certainly they would be better prepared to fulfill the current demand. Increasing production of vehicles isn't as simple as throwing an extra batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven but realizing that doesnt hurt any less for the hundreds waiting to drive off their new C7's and tens of dealerships across Canada waiting to get allocations.

As for the production ending in June it could also be that BG has now expanded their production capacity and are able to build even more units than before. I am hoping thats the case.
Sounding like the 2015 model year will end up as disappointing for Canadian's or more so then 2014 did. I say it'll be worse as more Z06 orders will get left on the table then those allocated. I don't understand how they can give so many Z06 allocations to some dealers in the States that end up on eBay or where ever for sale. Kerbeck's have some C7's Stingray's with as much as $7,500 off. Many US dealerships are getting Z06's they don't even have a customer for, just hoping one day a customer will walk in and buy it. Poor dealers in Canada have deposits on guaranteed sold orders and they can't a car. Sorry GM is handling this very poorly in my opinion. Not one single order should go unfilled. They're treating us Canadians like crap. Also heard the 2016 will have some new goodies added.

Doesn't sound like there will be any kind of a 2nd round of Z06 allocations for Canada either, time for people to pull out the pen and write GM in the States as they control everything.

The last model year of any outgoing generation is never a great seller as a lot of people are waiting for the new generation release. Only stands to reason production will be lower.
just checked. the production for the C6 from 2009-2013 was around 14000 each year. didn't change much at all. and then it shot up as soon as the first 2014 C7's arrived at the dealerships in Oct 2013 -- hence the higher production numbers of 17000 that year.

agree with everything else you said. the disparity between units shipped within states vs those coming to us in Canada is indeed very frustrating.
Have to agree whole heartedly with this post. I am one of those Canadian buyers... i placed my order for a Z51 2LT last July. I was unable to go anywhere close by to see the Crystal Red or Sunset Orange (my colours of choice) to make a final decision so i flew last month to see them at the Spring Mountain Track in Nevada. At that time I decided i would in a heartbeat switch to a Z06... I tried everything in my power to do so but have succumbed to the fact that that will not happen unless i am willing to wait another year - which i'm not.

I just found out this past week that my Z51 allocation came in and will be built (TPW of March 2nd) and yes i am excited but also a little tainted as there was a lot of uncertainty along the way as to whether i would even get my allocation etc etc... and while excited about my new stingray coming - honestly i would prefer it be a new Z06...

Kind of hard to believe that even though i have $100,000 in hand that i am willing to hand over to GM I can't get my dream car of choice. I even explored the possibility of purchasing a US vehicle and bringing it back to Canada but the uncertainty around warranty coverage and the recent drop in the Canadian dollar have made that possibility less appealing. I'm willing to spend 20 or 25 grand more to get the z06 as it is an incredible machine but the value customer in me just won't allow me to shell out $140k or whatever some of the dealers are asking...

If anyone knows of an immediate allocation in Canada for a Z06 at or near MSRP - I'm in.
NO complaints here...100% positive. Ordered from a small town dealer with 1 allocation.
Because of my business, I am fortunate to have great contacts on both sides of the ditch in GM. GM Canada would love to fulfill the need in Canada but they cannot; GM USA holds all the purse strings and there is no negotiation to what GM Canada will get whatsoever. GM Canada simply takes what they are given and the most glaring example of this is with the Z06 which I am sure we will all agree is limited to 40 or less. The official number is still 28.

IMO we may have seen a second allocation of the Z come to Canada but for the horrid exchange rate, each Z averaging 9k base cheaper in Canada than the U.S. after exchange. Similarly, the practice of importing US versions is a huge bonus for GM as they make all their money and don't have to worry about warrantying these cars for 12k miles. It is no wonder they turn their own cheek to what are very obvious company import regulation shortfalls.

On the plus side, it is great to see those who have been lucky enough to score a Z06 move to and past status 2000....hope to be in the same boat soon enough.
GM sells more cars in the state of New York or California then they do in Canada. We are a very small drop in a very large bucket. One would think that they would treat each customer with blue ribbon service given they almost went bankrupt not long ago.
Of interest.....who can tell me how many 2013 Z06's were Canadian delivered (not including the 427 Convertible)?
With the sales numbers history since 2008, GM is very hesitant to put on a second shift because sales numbers today could very likely be a blip and then settle down to where the one shift can handle production numbers very nicely. At least, that seems to be their thinking. Putting on a second shift, then laying them off 2-3 years down the road is expensive and might more than offset any extra sales made today. Still, as I have said before, it doesn't show a lot of confidence in your product no matter what spin the talking heads put on the situation. GM needs a LOT of smart, fresh blood to be brought in. Too much of the old thinking is still there and they are the ones who ran the company into the ground in 2008.
Jake your experience along with others across Canada I'm sure went off without a hitch and good for you guys. You got what you wanted, like you should. My point is each and every Corvette purchase regardless of model or options should be a full-filling, fun, exciting experience. From a young age many of us dreamed of owning a Corvette and GM is crushing the dream now. Watch the dream "Corvette Heaven" on Vimeo It shouldn
I agree, the buying experience has been disappointment, with much frustration, it has been outright awful. I placed my order back in September and was told February/March was when I would see my car, here we are, 2 weeks away from March and my status, from what I have been told is 2050 since November, but i got a call from the Dealer manager about 2 weeks ago informing me that if I dropped the Z51 package he could place the order mid February, so now I don't even think my order is even submitted, tied getting updates with GM Chat, nothing only " order has been accepted" which is a good sign I guess, tired getting the work bench order from the dealer, that is like pulling teeth, every time I ask my salesmen its "the guy upstairs has to get this" WTF I cant get the guys name... funny, the sales guy loved me and would do anything before I gave him money...

I know I signed up for the wait, I designed and built my own house so I know how the wait feels, but this is different there is no progress, no light at end of the tunnel, and what seems to be a whole lot of secrecy that no one really know any answers too, (ie not shipping in winter, even how the ordering really works.) at this point, will I even get a 2015? your guess is as good a mine, seriously; that is not a good feeling to have while waiting for an car.

Sorry for the rant, I know that I'm "only" about 6 months in and there are guys that have been waiting much longer, but I am really getting frustrated with this.

What would happen if I treated my customers like this?... I would loose them.
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If you are 2000 or higher life is good and you are getting a 2015. The fact that GM support tells you your order has been accepted means nothing though, as any order that is at 1100 without allocation also gets accepted. The fact that your order has been accepted does not mean you are getting a car this year, being above 2000 does.
If you want a Z06 there isn't even a possible tunnel to enter, never mind see any light. My Z51 order was placed back on August 23rd and not a peep from the dealer yet. I placed a second order for a Z06 on Nov 15th, well let's just say it's lost cause now. Had I done it one week earlier I would have been 1st in line and getting the only one that dealer was allocated.
I think everyone not being able to get what they want has every right to rant about the less then satisfying experience.
Ok, so forget everything I typed, I just decided to chat with GM online chat and i have a build date of March 2, 2015.

"disappointment, with much frustration, it has been outright awful." nope I am PUMPED!!!!
Ok, so forget everything I typed, I just decided to chat with GM online chat and i have a build date of March 2, 2015.

"disappointment, with much frustration, it has been outright awful." nope I am PUMPED!!!!

Awesome news congats, but why couldn't your dealer or salesperson provide you with that info? They should be on top of things for you.
The process sucked , glad it's behind me. The car is wonderful, it was well worth the hassle. GM Canada was involved with mine from the get go until delivery , at high levels. As someone else pointed out try as they might Canada is just not all that important in the bigger scheme of things at their parent GM. I appreciate everything thing the GM Canada folks did for me but it shouldn't be that you have to get corp execs involved in a simple car purchase. One benefit to me from their involvement, 142 ZF1's were produced in 2014, one came to Canada, mine.
Awesome news congats, but why couldn't your dealer or salesperson provide you with that info? They should be on top of things for you.

The same thing the wife said, should of got the news from the salesman or the dealer, I am sure they were notified. I did buy from a bigger dealership, I'm sure I'll get a call eventually.
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