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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
I think there are a lot of car guys sick and tired of the weather we have been having. I had to go to a friends b-day last night so I took a round about route to see what was happening on 8th street around 8:30. Outside of the lineup for DQ being right out to the road with people waiting for ice cream, the lot beside DQ had quite a few muscle cars and there were a couple Corvettes in the DQ parking lot (Did I see your car there Dave?). Then on 8th street as I went to Broadway I saw one or two muscle cars every block I drove and four other Vettes. It was awesome, I almost called in sick to the party. I hope summer sticks around.
Hey Riley,

Yes that was me at the DQ on Saturday night. Went there for some ice cream with the Mrs. I went to the Valley Cruzers Show & Shine in Warman for the day. Weather was awesome - I got a bit of a sun burn so I needed some ice cream to cool off (lol). There was only one other Corvette in the show, a blue '75 T-roof, I think he was from Dundurn - I parked next to it. Never seen him around his car so I didn't get a chance to talk with him. There was about 110+ cars in the show. Lots of nice cars at the show.

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