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Mar 5, 2011
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I see all kinds of winter tips but I am leaving a car in Fla.
The humidity is a issue, I am told.
One post on another forum said he left his car in Fla and when he came back it was all black mildew inside. They totalled it. It was a Benz.
I am thinking he treated the leather with something that was affected by the moisture.
It is My wife's car.
Any ideas?
Depending on your budget there are climate controlled storage .I left a white pickup down there one year in outside storage and I covered the interior with white sheets and no problem.

When I stored my Vett it's always been winters only and it was in regular self storage .

East coast is less humid in the summer.
The Self Storage (Franklin Self Storage) I use up here is climate and temp controlled. Leaving a window or 2 cracked open is not a problem since the place is very secure, complete with guard and video monitoring.

Cleaning inside and out, along with leather treatment should be on the list of car prep before storage. Don't forget Sta-Bil in the gas tank, and put it in a day or 2 prior to storage to allow it to circulate thu the whole system. Extra tire pressure helps prevent flat-spotting. I put mine at 40 PSI, other people pump theirs to 50PSI.

'Bounce' (fabric softener) sheets are great for absorbing smells, any residual moisture, and keeping any varmints away. Doug's idea of absorbent Sta-Dry packs is good too along with Steve's idea of covering the seats.

The Self Storage isn't the cheapest by any means but I would say it is one of the best. Florida should have a similar facility. Expect to pay $100 + per month.

My garage is 30 by 30 and the garage doors have 6 12 by 12 vents .
I got a breateable car cover and they sell a product called dri rid at Home Depot.
I have a CTEK charger but because I am not there I am concerned to use it.
I was going to put the tires on thick blue Styrafoam.
There is a home service that comes every 2 weeks for 1 1/2 hours to do a home service, like flushing the toliets , running the washer , dishwasher,etc.
He could start the car for me.
I got some stuff from an RV dealership that pulls the moisture out of the air. I think it is Calcium Chloride. It comes in a plastic bag so I just fill a sock with it and hang it from somewhere in the car. You will need to put some kind of bucket under as it does catch quite a bit of water and you don't want the water/chemical mix on anything in your interior.It leaves a sort of sticky gel type of residue on stuff.
Dan, the ctek is ideal for continuous monitoring/charging. I have been leaving mine on continuously over winter months, and now in summer months with the Taurus in storage, for many years with no problems whatsoever.

Sounds like you've got the rest of it covered :)D).
btw I like the styrofoam idea.

Talk to heavy truck mechanics and they will tell you that calcium chloride is more damaging, especially to electrical systems, than the common road salt that is used on the ice in the winter. Don't let it get loose in the car. You might want to invest in a dehumidifier with a drain to the outside of the garage. We've had mice in cars and our cottage. Once we started using the Bounce dryer sheets a half dozen years ago.....zero mouse problem. I'm a believer in Bounce. I use the C-Tek units as well. They have worked fine.
Thanks Buckhorn for the tip.
Sta dri has no calcium cloride in it like Damp Dri.
It is on line .
Corvette central sells it to
What do you guys think about the vents in the doors.
Good or Bad?
Dan a dehumidifier is your best bet or you can get an old window shaker air conditioner and hook it to a humidistat on your garage wall, either one should work fine, you need to keep a small air flow going also... we left a humidstat controlling our air-con all summer long in Ft Lauderdale and never had a problem. Your local Lowes or Home Depot should have everything you need ... have a safe trip home
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As per Manny.. If you put on a battery maintainer, make sure the battery is disconnected from the car so only the battery gets its electrons moving and not the cars computer and all other applicable devices in the car.
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