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Dec 1, 2010
i was searching the forum for the thread on some one who used the trunk/spare area for their sub, but can't find it. my son has the same idea so if anyone can help me find the tread or a how to, please direct me in the right way. thanks
I have one that takes up the centre hidden trunk comparment, there's also one that uses up one of the side ones if you want to keep the centre area open.

Do a search of Stealthbox and you should find what you're looking for. it's made by JL Audio and i got a JL 10" sub with it as well although you can swap it out of any other sub of your choice

Here's the link to their website and a picture of my sub
Car Audio - Stealthbox
thanks very much, todd says he's going to try to build one. he's a millwright apprentice, i guess we'll see how he makes out.
I got mine thru Subthump, they match the car carpet color.
Think it was around $100 with the color match.


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