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Apr 14, 2012
I got my 1962 Corvette about 6 weeks ago after a long story and other stuff i will not bore you with. Anyway - It is a beauty - White/ red interior, 327, 250 HP with many awards - Duntov, Top flight, Bloomington Gold and many more. It drives great. Just had radials put on it for driving and was tempted to floor it on the 401 but held back
. Question - The second time I drove it to StingRay auto all good - but on the way back 2000 ft from home after going 40 miles, it shuddered and stalled - started and stopped - but fine after that? It was low in gas - but drove several other short trips - no problem, Then yesterday took back to garage for radials - out 20+ miles - great - 18 miles back on the highway and it stared to stall - bronking horse for a mile and then all cleared up and fine again - Any ideas? I want to go to the NCRS picnic on Sunday and hessitae because of this???
It kind of sounds fuel related to me. Maybe fuel pump, or maybe the fuel lines are running close to the engine heads or some other source of heat; causing the fuel in the line to heat and vaporize........... then again I don't know much, maybe Manny has an answer.
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