Me too. Depends if my pup is better by then -- I hope so. right now I can't go too far due to his bowel upset. It's been going on for a couple weeks already and Marg is working that w/end so if he's still sick I'll need to stay close to home.

Keeping fingers crossed Dave. Terry wants to go too.

This does sound like a good time, and if the weather and life does not get in the way, I may be up to have a look see.
I have been going to this for quite a few years now. Always a Great event.
Last year I won a trophy in the C5 devision.
If it doesn't Snow, I will be there.:canada::canada:

LOL, good thing it's not today or tomorrow. I believe Dave's area is expecting upwards of 20 cm of SH**. (2-5 here)
If it happens it should be gone soon after. but hard to take after such nice weather. No wonder I've had my cold and flu for 3 weeks with such changeable weather.:(

Hope to see you guys there but dependent on sickness here.

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