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Jul 6, 2012
none right now.
Just thought I'd let folks know that the Southampton, ON cruise night starts back up tonight. Weather is sunny but cool today. I think my wife and I will probably go.
I realized that I took some pictures last week but forgot to post them. :nono:

A '75 Stingray. Looks just like mine; oh wait, it is mine.

A really, really nice '59. 283 1X4 barrel. Can't remember if it's a 4 speed or a 3 speed. Owner is from the Southampton area and goes to quite a few cruise nights. He also has a '66 vert; silver with a black top and interior.

'54 dodge. Nice!

'69 (?) GTO Judge. A 4 speed car too!

Not sure of the year, but a well looked after Rolls Royce (my wife having a look).

Group shot with a really well done Buick 4-door convertible beside us. Owner just had the top put on last week.

If you're ever in the area on a Thursday night be sure to stop by. The quality of the cars in the area is spectacular. This week looks like it'll be rained out though.
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your car looks better everytime i see it greg !!! :D that judge is indeed a 69. the nicest of judge models. i'm not fussy on the look of the rag top though, it breaks up the nice lines of the car. my buddy had a hardtop judge, a rare ram air IV version, 4 spd car. did pontiac ever fudge the horsepower numbers on the ram air IV !!!!! :D
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