Like Buckhorn76, I would never buy a car sight unseen. I've never had the need to go far to find what we wanted. Belleville and Bradford are as far as we have ever gone in buying our cars. We sold our '69 SS396 Chevelle sight unseen and I was still uncomfortable until the buyer got the car and said, "Better than expected." A local guy bought a mid sixties Pontiac from New York a few years ago. What he got was a parts car. It wasn't worth fixing up. You can get burned.
Like Buckhorn76, I would never buy a car sight unseen.

I bought my 2500HD in 06 from E-bay photos, and my 03 Jeff Gordon SS Monte, and my 71 Ventura II from Portland from photos.. They were "exactly as described"...
I did buy a Beaumont from another site member..(Boston area) The car was exactly as in photos..:D I trusted him (because he was a long term member) about the floors etc he said they were "no issue" It arrived with patches bolted in the floors.. rockers rotted out.. frame weak.. and door bottoms swelled with rust...:swear:

So I'm 75% I will buy a newer vehicle from a dealer

My friend Andrew buys Diesels from Texas They are always as nice as in the pictures.. 2 cents
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