May consider the Z07, demo model with a couple thousand kms just before the next year model comes out (hopefully get a major price drop)... Then I woke up..... lol... oh well you never know. this gives me a bit of time to save. I really like the new interior and the exterior is not bad... might take a bit to like those tail lights.
Anyone to go halfers on one... I'll take it for 6 months say may 'til october, and you could have it november thru april...


Hello... ?

I actually DID buy a hospital lottery home ticket in Calgary. The early bird draw is for a C7, so right now, as a ticket owner, all I can say is I MAY be getting a C7 :)

Good luck to you both.

I got to check one out ay the black hills corvette meet in spearfish, SD. very nice car.
I have one on order. But haven't heard anything. Starting to wonder if they ever will call. And whether I should tell them to keep it I don't want to buy it, drive it for a week and then park it for 6 months.
I'm sure they'll stay on their side of the border. We'll probably be last. Just in time for the snow to fly. Where did you see this news? Every morning I check the web for a glimmer of something...but nothing.
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