ahhh hate is such a misunderstood term!!!! Mod, i think he ment to say Jealous!!!! LOL.

i keep forget'n to post a picture of the roads here!!! horrible
new pic

ok....i've been wanting to show u guys this for a while but i keep forget'n....you know with all that there is to look at here i hardly have the capacity to remember my pals!!!!!lol...anyways check this out. this is typical of what u would expect around here....big holes!!! just imagine the vette here!!!!
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So basically, it's like driving in Saskatchewan. I think that picture is one block from my house:D

I've seem lots of those roads.:D If I had a Vette there...I would sell it and buy a donkey.
It's -1 today, so (knock on wood) you may have been able to gap all the cold crappy weather. Bring back some sunshine with you to get rid of this snow!
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