New C5er

New C5er

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Jul 25, 2012
Fraser Valley B.C.
2002 Convertible
Is there such a thing out there as a vacuum gauge with a shift light suggestor/indicator for a C5?? Can't google one. Maybe manny sells such a beast, it's mainly for my wife when she drives it.
Vacuum gauge?

The reason i first asked about this thread is because my wife for some reason has a problem shifting this thing. Although she has only driven standards all her life, hates automatics. Maybe the the real problem is the advisor, or the world's worst back seat driver, me. Gotto get me a book on patience, or better, "Karma".
HA! I know everyone that has jumped in the drivers seat of my car (very few) complains about the shifter as it is very stiff to move (B&M Short Shifter). Me, I'm fine with it because I'm used to it. Anyway...Are you telling her to rev it up more or not to rev it so high? I rarely go over 2000 rpm putting around town.
Reply to Riley...

As i mentioned she always drives a standard. But this one she always shifts way too late and lets the rpm and speed slow down as she shifts up, and there is a "clunk" both in the gearbox and my wallet , thinking of futher gearbox reduilds. The problem is she knows how much power the car is capable of so in her "Honda" set mind the shifting will be fine cause of all the Hp and torque. By the time I suggest shift she should actually increase speed and then clutch and shift. She drove a 91 Honda to 365,000km with only one clutch and cv change and then got totalled in a flood. While I drove my 86 dual fuel Honda to 450.000kms with two clutch changes. Always got ribbed about by the mechanics at work.
The bottom line is that she has to learn to get up to a higher speed in each gear before she upshifts.
Don't think we've ever gone up to or over 2,000 rpm yet. The car for me is still a vanity toy, love being seen in it, although the eyes are on the car and not me.

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