May 31, 2009
hespeler, cambridge
1987 c4
share my pain my corvette brothers and sisters. last night my son got the corvette with his newspaper cart. 2 foot long right rear quarter panel. i just got in the car and left for 3 hours.
as a new owner i ask, will the pain eventually fade?
I have roommates that share the same garage space as me. I am still waiting for one of their bikes to leave an opps down the side of my car.
I'm glad to hear that you left instead of doing something you would regret. Relationships are harder to fix than cars. I'm sure your son feels terrible about it and over time, the pain should fade. How bad is the scratch? Would it buff out?
You should have came over during the 3 hours for a cold one to help ease the pain!

Been there and had a similar incident happen to me too a '65 Tbird I used to own. Yes, the pain does lessen in time and hopefully it is the passenger side so the wound doesn't get reopened each time you enter your car.

I`ve seen and had some great work done locally by PJ Natchuck at Canadian Auto Collison and I'm certain given the quality of the original black paint on your car, they can hide the scar.

We,re there you you brother
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